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CFSA – 8u Kid Pitch League - Summer 2013


8U Kids Pitch Rules


28.1. This program may be offered in the Summer Season only. It will typically be after the regular season is completed so teams wanting to see how they look moving to 9u can get an opportunity for some live baseball.

28.2. Closed bases will be used. No lead offs until the ball has crossed the plate. Runners must stay on the base when the pitcher is in the pitching position and the catcher is in the catching position. If the runner leaves the base early, the umpire places the runner back on the last base occupied unless the runner was put out. This is not an appealable play. If forced, the runner advances one base ahead of the batter-runner. If the ball is put into play by the batter, the defense has the option of taking the play or placing the runners back on base and the batter in the batter’s box. A runner on first or second may steal the next open base at his own risk once the ball has crossed the plate (even if it is a wild pitch). You may advance runners on first AND second on the same pitch if third is not occupied. A runner on third may NOT steal home or advance on a passed ball / wild pitch (or an errant throw down to second trying to put out a runner stealing from first). The coach should want the catcher to make the throw to second every opportunity they have to do so since we are minimizing the risk for them.

28.3. 4 runs per inning for the offensive teams.

28.4. Nine defensive players on the field with three outfielders.

28.5. No balks are called or enforced. Players should be encouraged to throw from the stretch position with base runners. No pick offs are allowed.

28.6. The infield fly rule applies.

28.7. There is no advancement by the batter on dropped third strikes. Base runners on first or second may advance on a dropped third strike at their own risk.

28.8. The runner on third base may not steal home. The only way the runner can advance from third to home is if batted or forced home.

28.9. C-Flaps or full face masks are required for the batter. Base runners are not required to wear a C-flap or full face mask, but must wear an approved helmet.

28.10. The catcher is required to wear a protective cup (per section B 3.3.3) ALL players are recommended to wear a protective cup as well.

28.11. Game length is 100 minutes, or 6 innings – no mercy rules are in effect

28.12. All teams must bat their full roster.

28.13. Pitching limitations follow 9U rules. Coaches are encouraged to develop all their players as pitchers and not exploit the abilities of one during this league.

28.14. Umpires will be instructed to call a "liberal" or large strike zone to help keep the walks to a minimum.

Bats must have a BPF 1.15 certification.  Wood bats are NOT allowed.