Sunday, May 26, 2024

Spirit Pin Award

CFSA Spirit Pin Award

Program Details & Overview


Spirit Pins will be handed out at games to girls showing great spirit, great sportsmanship, high effort, smiling, sharpness, and cheering loud.


·         When the Football schedule is released the mandatory games will be posted. Once these days have been filled the rest of the schedule will be released for Sign-Up and monitoring.

o   Sign-Up Criteria – Any active member of the Cheer Committee that is regularly attending meetings and volunteering time. 

o   Committee members may not monitor a game that they have a conflict of interest in or personal ties too.

§  Example: your daughters game

·         The sign up will be for games and field times.

·         This event will be classified as a special event which will be eligible towards voting rights on the committee which in in accordance with the by-laws.

·         Pin Breakdown

o   Each team will be given 4 pins. One will be presented by a  committee member and the others by coach.

o   Pins will be spaced out throughout the game slots to make sure each cheerleader has an opportunity to be recognized in front of her team.

·         Tracking & Control

o   A log will be kept in order to track number of pins handed out and which Cheerleader received it by team and will be compared to actual pins purchased. This is to ensure every team has an opportunity to receive this award.

o   No duplicate awardees