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Coach's Corner


This section of the website is for coaches. Information that needs to be distributed to coaches will be posted here, as well as ideas and suggestions that coaches have for others that they want to share, if you have ideas or tools please submit them to the webmaster (




CFSA Coaching Workshops & Meeting Information

To register as a coach, log into your family profile at sign in and select "register as a coach".  - Coaches Application period for 2020 closes May, 2020.


Tools for Coaches

Stat Sheet - Mandatory Sheet for Tracking Playing time of Opposing teams
Sample Letter to Parents - Great Sample to start from for Initial Parent Meeting, layouts out player and parent expectations.
Attendance Sheet - Tool to Track Player Attendance
Game Day Document -  Football Game Day Sheet



 Team Sponsors

Each team is required to have a $300 sponsor. Additional sponsorships are encouraged.  CFSA will reimburse your team for team related expenses in a single check at the conclusion of the season.  CFSA will reimburse at a rate of 80% of the sponsored amount, subject to the following criteria:

  • Expense is for team related items, i.e., pants, decals, team party, trophies, etc.  Reimbursement will not be made for items that would finish the season for any individual on the team, i.e., tackling dummy, a single helmet or pads, etc.
  • A single reimbursement is given to each team, one request per sponsor.  If you get a single sponsor and turn in a request, that sponsorship will be closed and any excess funds will revert to the CFSA treasury.  If you have several sponsors, you may make one request per sponsor.
  • You will be given a numbered receipt from the treasurer when you turn in the check.  You may print the sample form to show your potential sponsors, but understand that it is not a valid receipt for their tax purposes and you will receive that one once your sponsor check is turned in.
If you have any questions, please contact our treasurer at


Other Forms

Roster Form
NOTE: Right click on the form to download.


The Football Code

The purpose of this program is to provide youth an opportunity to participate in an organized football program that will stimulate healthful recreation, teach responsibility, discipline and fair play, and build self confidence in an atmosphere of competitive group sports. Although the sport of football is competitive, the winning of games shall be of secondary importance. The primary goal is to help youths develop traits of good citizenship and sportsmanship. All head coaches are responsible for seeing that they, their assistant coaches, players, and player supporters conduct themselves in such a way that the purpose and objectives of the CFSA Football Program are achieved.