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About Wrestling

About Wrestling
Wresting is truly one of the oldest sports in history. The origins of wrestling can be traced back 15,000 years through cave drawings in France. In ancient Greece wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend and literature. Wrestling was the #1 sport of the original Greek Olympic Games.

Why Wrestle?
The sport of wrestling is a very natural thing for kids to do at a young age. Kids are always wrestling around in the yard in the house. Organized wrestling can bring in an element of safety and has many other benefits as well."Real" wrestling has nothing in common with the "Professional Wrestling" shown on TV, but many of today's top Mixed Martial Arts athletes have wrestling backgrounds. Many successful MMA athletes became competitive, disciplined athletes through our sport.

ANYONE Can Wrestle!
That's what makes it a great sport. Boys, girls, short, tall, big, small - anyone can wrestle! Because you wrestle people of your same weight and age, size is not an issue as it may be in a football or basketball. There are now a lot of opportunities to get involved. All but a few states have sanctioned high school state wrestling championships. California, Texas, and Hawaii have both a boys and girls high school state wrestling championships. Over the past 10 years, the number of girls involved in the sport of wrestling in the U.S. has grown from 300 to over 3,700 so it is a sport that is on the rise for young females. Many colleges and universities offer scholarships to both male and female wrestlers. Every Cy-Fair ISD high school now has wrestling programs for both boys and girls.

About CFSA Wrestling
Cy-Fair Sports Association's wrestling, is sanctioned with USA Wrestling, which is a member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Practices begin in October, tournaments are held from November until the Texas Youth State Tournament in February. Travel is not required; however an aspect of our season that is a hit with many is traveling to other cities to compete such as Austin, Dallas, Tulsa, and Atlanta. Attending even one of the larger tournaments in other areas can be a real treat. 

Wrestle based on experience, age and weight
Wrestling matches are held between wrestlers based on experience, age, and weight. The experienced groups are designed to allow for success while easing wrestlers into more advanced levels of competition. Experience is divided between first year (Rookie), second year (Novice), and more experienced wrestlers (Open). Rookies will wrestle other Rookie and occasionally Novice wrestlers. Novices wrestle other Novice, sometimes Rookie, other times Open wrestlers. Open wrestlers compete against other Open wrestlers, and occasionally Novice wrestlers. Age divisions are formed by two year groupings. Ages are taken as of September 1st and then divided as 5U (Tots), 7U (Division 1), 9u (Division 2), 11u (Division 3), 13u (Division 4), and 15u (Division 5). Weights are generally 5 pound increments for the lightest weights and 10 pound increments near 100 lbs, and 15 to 20 for the heaviest weights.

Folkstyle Wrestling
The form of wrestling we compete in from October through February is referred to as both Folkstyle and Collegiate. Depending on age and experience, matches are three 60 second or 90 second periods. Scoring is based on control and not subjective, as is some other forms of wrestling. Takedowns score 2 points; Escapes: 1 point; Reversals: 2 points; Nearfalls (exposing an opponent's back to the mat while in control for 2-4 seconds) are 2 points; Nearfalls for 5 seconds or more are worth 3 points. A Pin occurs when both shoulders are held to the mat for 2 seconds and immediately wins the match.

The CFSA Wrestling Club affiliates with the Texas USA Wrestling organization. Wrestlers will become USA Wrestling members upon application. Members may then participate in USAW tournaments and activities.

USA Wrestling is the national governing body for the sport of wrestling in the United States. The many programs and activities conducted by USA Wrestling and the hundreds of sanctioned clubs provide opportunities for athletes to develop an understanding of all forms of wrestling, leadership qualities, physical fitness, a competitive spirit, and good sportsmanship. USA Wrestling is supervised by a board of directors that are wrestling leaders in the nation. USA Wrestling is responsible for selecting and training teams to represent the U.S. in international competitions-including the Olympics. USA Wrestling sponsors national championships as well as regional competitions. USA Wrestling provides four levels of training and certification for coaches. USA Wrestling is strong in Texas with of 980 members and 36 sanctioned clubs. USA Wrestling will continue to encourage the development of new teams and the growth of wrestling throughout Texas.

Why We Wrestle


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