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CFSA Official Posting 09/28/2017

CFSA is made up of people who are very patriotic and who honor and respect our flag, our country, the military and all the freedoms so many women and men have fought to preserve.  That said, we will not open ourselves up to a few who might desire to use CFSA events as an opportunity to host a protest or demonstration of personal issues, messages, agendas and/or opinions.  We do not play the National Anthem at our events due to the many logistical issues that places on the programs, but we also don’t prohibit it from being played prior to any individual game as long as it is in compliance with our policy which reads as follows:


“Cy-Fair Sports Association teams may choose to play the National Anthem at the beginning of their games if both Coaches and Officials agree.  Additionally, all players, coaches, officials and spectators shall stand and face the flag showing respect for the country, the flag and the National Anthem.  Any players, coaches or officials who choose to ignore this rule shall subject themselves and/or their team to punishment that may include expulsion and forfeiture of the game, at the discretion of the Football Committee.”


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    $950 Donation in honor of Freshman Lions

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Cheer Committee Meeting 3/9/2020 at 6:30pm BBs Café in Cypress

Cheer 2020 Registration Opens
Saturday, May 2 2020- Cheer Opens @ 9:00

FEE Schedule

May $225

JUNE $235

JULY $245

LATE $260

Uniform Fittings Location:  Farney Elementary
14425 Barker Cypress Rd.

Cypress, TX 77429

Monday, July 6th from 6pm-8pm              

Thursday, July 16th from 6pm-8pm

Thursday July 23 from 6pm-8pm



AUGUST 10th 2020




August is a critical month where skill sets are established, preparation for game sideline material is taught and choreography for Cheer Off routines are being developed and learned. PLEASE be prepared to start practicing the entire month of August.

Cheer Regular Registration Closes Friday, July 24 2020
Cheer Late Registration Opens Saturday July 25 2020
Willie's Ice House Spirit Night Events

Click Here: 8/19/2020

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Cheer Late Registration Closes 

 August 5, 2020
Varsity Lock-in & Skills Clinic August 21th from 7pm-6am
Flag Technique Clinic August 15h from 9am-11am
 Freshman Technique Clinic August 15th from 12:30-2pm
JV & Sophomore Technique Clinic August 16th from 1pm-4pm
Flag Coaches Meeting
Date/Time:  August 9 Location: Cheer Factory


Time 3pm-5pm

Sophomore & JV Coaches Meeting Date/Time: August 9 Location: Cheer Factory  

Time 12pm-2pm

Freshman Coaches Meeting

Date/Time: Tentative August 9 Location: Cheer Factory

Time 3pm-5pm

Vasity Coaches Meeting
Date/Time: Tentative August 9 Location: Cheer Factory

Time 12pm-2pm

Practices  begin - 4 events per week August 10 2020
Last day to order Car Decals Online September 12, 2020
Target Date for Regular Season Games to begin @ Schiel Rd. September 19, 2020
Target Date for Regular Season Games to begin @ CFISD Fields September 19 2020
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Cheer Factory  Floor times 

Schedule will start being open on Coaches Meeting. First come First serve 

Coaches Mid Season Meeting  October 11th 2019 3pm-5pm Location: Cheer Factory  


 Last Day To Order Cheer-Off T-Shirts & flowers  Online October 31
 Last Day Of Cheer-Off Ticket Pre-Sale Discount November  5
Cheer Off  November 8, 2020 Start Time: 9am-4pm Location: CY-Ranch 10700 Fry rd Cypress TX 77433


CFSA Cheerleading thanks Cheer Factory for your Sponsorship!




You may register online or at the CFSA Office during their business hours until cheer registration closes. There will be NO CASH accepted. Any questions please feel free to contact at


The CFSA cheer division’s mission is to teach the fundamentals of cheerleading, as a sport with an emphasis on participation, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. CFSA is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and fair environment to encourage positive learning to children throughout the Cy-Fair ISD and surrounding areas.  

 Squad formation:

 The below table reflects the proper Division that a Cheerleader should be placed in if their birthday falls within the dates.

Fall Cheerleading

 Grades   Divisions                     


Flag Division


Freshman Division

4  Sophomore Division


Junior Varsity Division


Varsity Division


Cheer squads are formed after football teams have been created. Once the football teams are in place, as many cheer squads as possible are created to provide a fun and full football/cheer experience for as many participants as possible. 

 Cheerleader and football players are guaranteed to be placed on a squad / team. There is no guarantee it will be on their home school’s team.


Squad size:
Cheer squads will be formed with a minimum of 6 girls and a maximum of 16. The squad sizes will be strictly adhered to. The size of the squads (6 to 16 cheerleaders) was created with a balance of maximizing the experience for all participants across the CFSA membership and the manageability / safety of the cheerleaders.
These numbers were created with input from the CFSA cheer committee and past/present cheer coaches. These numbers reflect the state and national divisions in place with most cheerleading organizations and allows for more equity among squad sizes. These numbers are generally accepted as appropriate for novice / volunteer coaches. The squad size guidelines were voted on and approved by the current cheer committee and the general membership of CFSA.


Squad participation/time commitment:

Cheer squads will participate in a minimum of 8 football games. Top ranked teams will move onto the play-offs and the cheer squad will participate with the team through the single elimination tournament. The top two teams in each division will compete in the super bowl at the CFISD The Berry Center.

Events are limited to 3 per week. Prior to school starting, the team can choose to have 4 events per week. Events include practices and games. The cheerleading season runs from August to Mid December. Games are played during the week as well as on Saturdays. Practices are held according to eah teams’ schedule.

Cheer is a Team sport and maximum participation is necessary for Squads to be successful.

Cheer squads will also have the opportunity to participate in a Cheer-Off Competition between the CFSA cheer squads (participation in Cheer-Off is optional). Please see the Cheer-Off Tab on the website for more information.

See the Committee Tab for specific roles and contact details for the Cheer Committee members.

To contact the entire Cheer Committee email

Coaches and Parents are asked to contact their Division Commissioners with questions and concerns using the following addresses:


Direct Website Problems or Inquires to the CFSA Cheerleading Webmaster