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Cheer Off

Cheer Off
Date: November 8
Where: Cy-Ranch
Time: Start 9am

*All cheerleaders and coaches will have a separate entrance, to ease congestion for exiting and entering spectators.
*All spectators will be charged $10 entrance fee.  
*No food or drink will be sold at the event.


Cheer off Rules

We are thrilled to announce new rules and guide lines for our Cheer off competition.  If you are new to or a seasoned cheer family -member of CFSA, this will help you and your squad be prepared and ready for an outstanding competition.

1)       Each squad may choose to perform in the Dance and/or the Chant portion.

2)      Dance and chant will have required motions, moves, jumps, stunts which will be part of the scoring process.  All of the required items will be taught at our Cheer camps.

a.       A list of the required elements will be provided at the coaches meeting.

b.      Difficulty of tumbling will not be judged. CFSA does not teach tumbling therefore we          don’t judge difficulty, only the presence of it.  (A somersault, chartwheel and backhanspring will have same point value). 

A coach or responsible adult is REQUIRED to attend the mid-season coaches meeting. 

                    3) Squads must check-in during their respective division check-in and warm-up time,   order of performance is drawn at time of check-in. (Times will be announced at mid-season coaches meeting).

            4)   An entrance fee of $10 all day passes   

a.   Squads performing, and a maximum of 3 adults are admitted at no charge

b.   Children under the age of 10 and under are free

c.   Children wearing Current Season  CFSA cheer or football uniforms are admitted free                                   

5)      No parents (other than the 3, coaches, assistant coaches, team mom) are allowed in the warm-   up gym

6)      All squads will be lead into the competition performance area in the gym by a CFSA Cheer Committee Member and shown the middle of the mat. 

7)      The time keeper will ask the squad if they are ready, will stay “GO” and start the clock.  This will be the one and only indicator to start the time.

8)      All Coaches MUST stand by the DJ in the back of the gym. Flag Coaches may help the girls line up on a mat and sit in front of the girls while they perform.

9)   In the event of a tie, the level of difficulty will be used to determine the winner. **If one of the squads has received a point deduction for mirroring in the audience, the squad without a mirroring deduction shall prevail. 

10)  All Cheer Off results are FINAL once read out at Cheer Off. Judges scores are not appealable. CFSA is not responsible for any music issues as a result of the DJ as that is a third party vendor. All judges are acquired by a third party judging staff company and have no ties to CFSA. 

Dance Competition

·  Squads will be judged on “cheerleading” dance motions, jumps and formation changes.

·  No tumbling is allowed in the dance portion.

·  Dance is limited to 2 minutes 30 seconds (This time starts after the squad is set in front of the judges table, time keeper will ask if they are ready, and say “GO”, time ends when the last cheerleader leaves the mat with all props).

·  Squads may not chant or verbalize during dance.

·  All pom poms, bows, props etc must be cleared from the floor prior to the squad exit.   Failure to do so will result in adeduction for each item. 

Chant Competition

· Squads MUST have at least 1 call back. ( i.e. “ We say white, you say black”). (Crowd   participation is highly encouraged and expected in call backs).

· Chant my not include a dance portion, no music is allowed during chant

· Tumbling (at any level) is required.

· Only pom poms, signs and mega phones are allowed. No additional items. A 3 point deduction for each prop will be allocated IF additional items are used by the cheerleaders.

· Chant may not exceed 3 mins. Inclusive of entrance, chant and exit.